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As one of Victorville's top VoIP services providers, Sonic IT Systems helps clients work smarter by harnessing the power of the cloud. Give your company the phone system it needs to succeed!

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Cloud-based business phone systems are revolutionizing how companies communicate with one another and their clients. In fact, 61% of businesses are switching to this communication system — and we can help you get on board! Sonic IT Systems' excellent solutions enable small and mid-sized businesses to stay connected.

Never miss a call with our exceptional call quality and voicemail monitoring! Choose a VoIP phone or your preferred mobile or desktop device to place unlimited US or cheap international calls. You can keep the same phone number by transferring it to us or establish a local presence by selecting a new, local number. What’s more, you can even use our platform as a satellite office!

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What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put, it is telephony through the Internet as opposed to traditional landlines and wiring on the public switched telephone network. Such business phone systems usually use a company's existing network to work.

Although conventional PSTN phone systems have been in use for more than a century and are renowned for their dependability and call quality, a competent business VoIP service offers its users a similar reliable experience. Luckily, a VoIP phone service that works just as well as a PSTN is now accessible to Victorville companies. With Sonic IT Systems' VoIP services, your small and mid-sized business can significantly lower the cost of phone calls, including long-distance and call forwarding.

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Business phone systems Victorville can trust

Your company is in Victorville, but your customers could be from anywhere. And although power outages rarely occur in this area, they can still happen. Do you really want your company to go down with it? With our VoIP Victorville services, even if the power goes out, your phone calls will still go through, and you will be able to forward your messages.

Sonic IT Systems has a wealth of experience implementing and managing VoIP services for various industries. We take care of your IP telephony through our top-notch hosted IT solutions and unbeatable service. Simply put, we take care of your phone systems so you can focus on your business. Find out how we can help you and your team communicate better.
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VoIP Victorville service improves your company's telecommunications

If you decide to work with us, our team can implement a range of VoIP solutions, all of which provide various benefits. Some of them include the following:

  • Lower landline phone bills for long-distance calls;
  • No need for onsite equipment;
  • Smart call routing;
  • Call forwarding;
  • Unrivaled reliability;
  • Reliable customer service;
  • Supported remote and off-site work;
  • Simple setup and configuration;
  • Secure and safe;
  • Competitive prices;

Making crystal-clear audio calls whenever yo want, from any location, gives your company a competitive edge. However, your company needs more than just a dependable dial tone. That's why business phone systems in Victorville are just the start of our offer. We have invested heavily in product development to deliver the newest technologies.

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Personalized options for small businesses

Many startups, as well as established companies, are switching over to VoIP for their business phone systems. That is because small companies experience 77% of improved productivity when using VoIP. At the same time, startups witness a 90% reduction in starting expenses.

Sonic IT Systems provides business VoIP (Victorville-based). However, we can do much more. For instance, our phone and video conferencing features smoothly interact with any business software you are using. In addition, you can access your services from desk phones, PCs, tablets, and smartphones you currently own without pricey, locally managed hardware.

With our effective call handling, you can scale up your company and encourage business flexibility. Keep your teams linked as you expand by using all-in-one collaboration solutions that complement your working style.

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What we offer you

Virtually no downtime

Downtimes can do significant, sometimes even irreversible, damage to small businesses. For this reason, we have dedicated our time to creating carrier-grade servers that promise virtually no downtime.

Smooth communication flow

Sonic IT Systems' VoIP Victorville services grant you access to all the tools you need to manage your business and your employees, whether you are in your office or on the move. Use our platform to stay connected, keep tabs on your company from any mobile device or browser, and switch calls between various devices with a single click.

Any device, anytime, anywhere

You don't have to be concerned about losing access to your company phone line if you go on vacation or decide to work from home one day. With Sonic IT Systems, you can make a call from any device and have your office number appear on the other end. No matter where you are in the country, you can still participate in one-on-one HD video calls with other users.

Easy-to-use features

Our VoIP Victorville services cover everything you need from a business phone service. In other words, you can enjoy different phone number options, seamless team communication, real-time analytics, call flow tools, call management, and complete mobility. Furthermore, our toolset is accessible through a single login platform. You can easily navigate to any of these options once you sign in.

Sending voicemails via email

With this special feature, small and medium-sized companies are able to manage all incoming conversations. Did a customer leave you a voicemail? No need to worry; it will be sent instantly to your preferred email address.

Easy to install and use

You don't have to waste days on the installation procedure interrupting your schedule and routine. Setup takes minutes with a dedicated onboarding VoIP service consultant to ensure a seamless process. In addition, our preconfigured VoIP phones instantly connect to your current network.

Building your company's identity

Get the same tools that big businesses have, use a prestigious company address, and add a new business phone number anywhere in the US (or port a current one). If you don't have physical offices, you can take advantage of our address and help your small business establish a local presence and project a strong image.

Cut back on phone call prices

With monthly all-inclusive pricing from a single VoIP Victorville service provider, you can save nearly 75% on communication costs. That is because you won't have to pay several vendors or invest in separate VoIP products for a series of different services. 

When purchased from a traditional phone company, many PBX phone systems and productivity tools (such as conference calls, do not disturb, auto attendant, hold music, group paging, simultaneous ring, dial by name, and voicemail solutions) are subject to additional fees. However, these are incorporated into our business VoIP Victorville service, making it a more affordable option. At the same time, we operate on a flat-rate monthly payment system, so there are no unforeseen costs or fees.

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Give your clients the support they need

You can increase brand loyalty with our dependable contact center solution that helps both your customers and staff. Utilize our on-demand scalability to manage, support, and monitor your company. At Sonic IT Systems, we offer you a single point of control for all aspects of call center management. You can also use advanced features like sentiment analysis, call recordings, and comprehensive data to evaluate and reward the best performers.

Your business deserves the best

...And that's us! We've been in the IT industry for 17+ years, delivering enterprise-grade business phone systems to our clients in Victorville. We have the knowledge, abilities, and tools needed to guarantee that you never experience phone system problems again!

Partner with us, and we will easily set up and activate your new business phone system. Once you sign up, you may use a VoIP phone or your preferred mobile or desktop device to make cheap international and unlimited US calls.

When you use tools on our platform, you get much more than just voice functions. Aside from their unique advantages, our solutions allow you to keep track of your activities, contacts, and accounts. That means no matter how many products or services you offer, you can easily manage teams, groups, and users. Moreover, you can trace the client's journey across channels with our sophisticated tools and automation and get access to a central customer database.

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During our initial conversation, you will learn how to transform your business phone system into an invaluable asset within a month. Our VoIP specialists and strategists are at your disposal!

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