“With our eyes on your IT, you can confidently forget about it”

Tim Passons, CEO
Being so close to a larger city (but not quite there) might have translated into you settling for an unavailable LA IT service provider. OR work with an expensive yet inexperienced IT guy, or (even worse) doing it yourself!

Ever since we started out in February of 2005, we have gotten nothing but appreciation from business owners in the suburbs around LA. It is heart warming for us to know how much we impact businesses with our IT expertise and proactive support.

Speed and expertise

Complete, expert solutions

We have all the answers, quite literally. With our 100+ years of IT expertise, we are able to provide unique and tailored solutions to any technology hitch or need you may have (no matter your industry).

Proactive maintenance

We stay on top of IT & nothing takes us unaware. We proactively monitor your entire IT network, ensuring there are no lags and dealing with threats in real time. If you ever need to call us for help, we respond and resolve the issue at record speed.

“We have trusted Sonic for years to ensure we are always on the cutting edge”

Scott Whiting, Whiting Family Dental
A story about us

We have been passionate about tech our whole lives!

For Tim, our founder, he has been into tech since he was 13 years old! Each of us have been involved in every thing from web design to coding projects for years and years. We knew that in our own way, we would impact lives through technology.

When we started Sonic IT Systems in 2005, we were just a small computer shop, building custom computer and removing viruses. 17 years down the line, we are able to take all those years of expertise to really help small to mid-sized businesses thrive in a highly competitive space.

For us, it's a privilege to serve; to make lives better and help businesses grow faster; with our technical prowess. You would be able to tell this right from our first meeting, there's a warm friendliness about us, that makes our clients feel right at home.

Would you like to see how we can help you grow with IT?

Like we said, we are friendly and 100% transparent. We also don't mind giving away really valuable business IT insights for FREE, just so that we can truly help you.