Knowing when your laptop needs repair

For many computer users, laptops are highly personal and valuable items, even more so than smartphones.

For many computer users, laptops are highly personal and valuable items, even more so than smartphones. If you have been around long enough, you may remember a time when a single desktop PC was shared by various household members; by the time residential broadband service became available, laptops were an attractive option for people who no longer wanted to wait for their turn at the family computer. Once Wi-Fi technology became a standard feature in all portable PCs, laptops pretty much took the place of desktop computers.

The personal and portable nature of laptops makes them workhorses. If you’ve ever stopped to wonder why these devices tend to cost more than desktops, it is because they are manufactured with very heavy use in mind, which means that you can reasonably expect them to require maintenance and repair services at some point.

When you notice the following situations in your Windows laptop, you will want to contact repair technicians in Victorville:


This error message is ominously legendary among Windows users, and the white text on a blue background has not changed in this century. When you see the dreaded BSOD, the only action you can take is to restart your system. If this happens once or twice a year, there is no reason to worry unless you notice other issues with your laptop’s performance. If it happens once or twice a month, your laptop definitely needs to be checked out. If possible, use your smartphone to take a picture of the BSOD or write down the alphanumeric error codes for faster diagnostics. On older operating systems like Windows Vista, 7 or 8.1, the issue may be related to the hardware or operating system. On Windows 10 or 11, it is more likely to be a serious hardware problem.


Malware infections are not always stealthy; some can be quite clumsy and damaging. Strange behavior, changed settings, corrupted data and not being able to perform some operations could be related to a virus infection.


If your system is a few years old, it will likely run slower unless it is subject to routine maintenance; this may even happen when Windows 10 or 11 is installed. In many cases, your system can be optimized without replacing any hardware components. This would be a good time to explore potential upgrade options.