8 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Monitoring is Worth the Investment

Learn why cyber security monitoring is super important for your business and how it can actually save you money.

The evolution of digital technology has made it easier and faster for individuals and businesses to communicate, collaborate and process information. However, despite all this, cybersecurity remains the most significant threat in using digital technology. Cyber attacks such as ransomware, malware, and identity theft can disrupt the smooth running of a business. Bearing this in mind, many individuals and companies implement safety measures in electronic devices and system software. However, cybersecurity is a continuous process and investment. The cybersecurity process involves round-the-clock surveillance and update depending on the extent of the threat. Let’s explore cybersecurity monitoring and why it’s worth the investment. 

What is Cybersecurity Monitoring

Cybersecurity monitoring is a process that involves continuous observation of your organization’s network with a view to identifying cyber threats and data breaches. Being proactive allows you to respond to threats even before they happen. Identifying and managing possible threats beforehand can help protect your company’s applications, confidential information, and overall network. The process of keeping up with data security breaches usually entails the following: 

  • Gathering and assessing data to locate changes to your network or strange behavior. 
  • Making use of threat intelligence to identify the latest risks
  • Determining the specific behaviors that call for urgent attention
  • Taking the necessary measures before threats turn into a security incident
  • Generating comprehensive network security for compliance reasons

Why Cybersecurity Monitoring is Worth the Investment

The cybersecurity landscape has significantly evolved over the last few years. As it stands, using cybersecurity tools alone may not be enough to avert attacks from taking place. You need to embrace a proactive strategy to be able to handle the attacks immediately they strike. Here are reasons why every business should invest in cybersecurity monitoring to curb threats. 

Reduce Data Breaches

The cases of data breaches are escalating among businesses due to sustained cyber attacks. For instance, in 2022, over 1000 cases of data breaches were reported in the United States. This is an apparent indication that businesses are a significant target for cybercriminals. If proper security measures such as comprehensive network security assessment and the use of anti-virus firewall security are not adopted, this trend is likely to continue. Fortunately, sustained surveillance of your network can help you discover threats in advance and contain them before they can cause any damage. Unearthing strange behaviors can help lessen the severity of the damage that cyber-attacks can pose by averting the threats from spilling over to other areas. Doing so can safeguard your valuable information and secure your business reputation. 

Addresses Security Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity entails multiple moving parts. One of the key ways of protecting your business from cyberattacks involves identifying loopholes within your IT infrastructure. To ward off attacks, you must regulate control access by reinforcing your firewalls with advanced security patches. This should be carried out in advance to deny the attackers the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities in the firewall code. This can be effectively done by taking absolute control of your network security. Surveilling your network continuously helps ensure sustained data protection.

Improve Your Time to Respond to Attacks

More often than not, cyber attacks happen when least expected. Keeping in mind what is at risk, you have to combat and remediate threats immediately after they occur.

Persistent cybersecurity monitoring allows you to locate threats and data breaches way ahead before they can develop into serious security problems. By pointing out issues that require immediate attention and receiving notifications, you’ll be well-placed to respond to threats before they can cause extensive damage. Our team at VVSonic can help you to respond effectively to attacks even before they occur. This is because we deploy advanced security tools and approaches to avert threats and secure your computer system. For exceptional cyber security services in California, look no further than VVSonic, as we’ve got you covered. We provide a wide range of superior cyber security services and solutions to help strengthen your business with faultless data privacy, multi-layered protection, and a disaster recovery plan.

Lessen Downtime

Cyberattacks that lead to data contraventions and data loss can profoundly affect your enterprise. With continuous preventative cybersecurity surveillance, you’ll be able to make notable improvements to your network and ensure it is up and running to support your everyday operations. Lessening data violations, responding to threats promptly, and sealing the loopholes will go a long way in easing the prospects of disruptions. This will help prevent IT downtime that could result in financial losses to your business. 

Adherence to Standards and Regulations

Concerning cybersecurity, organizations are obliged to meet specific controls to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data at their disposal. 

Failure to comply with these requirements can make your business more vulnerable to cyber attacks, endangering your reputation and exposing yourself to legal liability resulting in hefty penalties. Continuous cybersecurity monitoring will help you successfully realize and uphold the spelled-out standards, ensuring compliance. 

Enhances the Productivity of Employees

Keenly monitoring your IT infrastructure can lead to improved employee productivity. Being observant will help in ensuring your overall computer network is fully functional. Besides working efficiently, improved network performance can help employees complete tasks much faster. In addition, having a professional perform the technical duties will allow your employees to focus on their primary responsibilities. This will go along with enhancing the productivity of your staff. 

The Rise in Remote Working

The concept of working from home seemed impractical until the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2019. The prospect of working from home has gained traction over the last two years, thanks to cloud-based services. Today, employees can work on any device regardless of location. Nevertheless, remote working has made it challenging for organizations to restrict access to their computer networks. In fact, this has offered cybercriminals a leeway to gain unauthorized access to their computer systems. Ongoing cybersecurity monitoring will enable you to identify changes in your system and strange behavior; hence you can take the appropriate measure. 

The Nature of Threats Has Evolved

Cyber fraudsters are now using advanced techniques to beat the defenses businesses have put in place. The nature of threats has dramatically evolved, with new threats continually emerging. Without bolstering your cybersecurity, you’re making yourself more vulnerable to cyberattacks which can be detrimental to the success of your enterprise. Constantly monitoring your network is one of the most effective ways you can adopt to contain the ever-evolving cyber threats. 

Bottom Line

Cybersecurity monitoring is critical to the prosperity of any business with an online presence. This is because it helps business owners keep an eye on their overall computer networks and flag any threats before they happen. This ensures there is little to no downtime in the running of your business hence maximizing productivity. VVSonic is one of the leading and most consistent providers of cybersecurity monitoring throughout Albany. So, allow VVSonic to address all your cybersecurity needs so that you can focus on the core aspects of your business.